A former Russian banker allied with Putin was found dead in Moscow. The wife and daughter also died

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A Russian banker, billionaire and Putin’s key ally, Vladislav Avayev, 51, was found dead in his home in Moscow on Monday. With you, and equally dead, would be wife Jelena, 47, and daughter Maria, 13.

Vladislav Avayev was Former Vice President of GazprombankRussia’s third largest bank and one of Russia’s main payment instruments for oil and gas, reports The Sun.

Russia’s state agency TASS said on Monday that three bodies, one of which was a girl, were found in an apartment on Universitestski Prospekt in southern Moscow.

Russian police spokeswoman Julia Ivanova explained the matter to TASS the bodies had been found by Vladislav Avayev’s eldest daughterAnastasia, 26, after learning that the driver or maid could not contact the family.


The bodies were visible gunshot wounds, and authorities are investigating the murders of a Russian billionaire ‘s revolver, according to the Daily Mail. Anastasia has told the authorities the gun would have been in Dad’s hand when the bodies were found. A description that may refer to a double suicide followed by suicide.

Last month, Gazprombank was subjected to several Western economic sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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