Ache! Carlos Costa “opens his heart” about the death of his boyfriend: “I don’t understand …”

Carlos Costa was on Tuesday 19 April on the “Goucha” program speaking with Manuel Luís Goucha. A memorial scroll in which the singer recalled a little about her work and private life.

Since she lost her boyfriend in March of this year, who ended her life, Carlos Costa expressed this “hard blow” that life gave her.

“It’s completely different from losing my father … I didn’t understand and still can’t understand what it is … he never showed signs of grief, despair.”started by saying.

The artist stressed that the boyfriend he had been dating for 10 years was a true “gentleman” and that he never wanted to appear in public and later considered that much of his present is due to his partner of the decade. : “He was older than me (…) he was a person who taught me a lot (…) he shaped me in an incredible way, he passed on values ​​to me”he recalled.

Carlos Costa confirmed that he could find no reason for his boyfriend to end his life, and admitted that at the moment his heart had already calmed down: “I can’t understand until now, I can’t say anything ‘it was for this,’ ‘it was for this.’

“When you need help, the people who feel the need to end their lives or think about it, ask for help, advice”ended on appeal.

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