Again, the government is unable to predict fuel prices – but this time it is good

The price development on Monday was better than expected. Better for you. or less bad

Fuel prices had risen slightly on average this Monday. The news is less bad than expected: the increases were lower than the government forecasts at the end of last week. The government fell wrong again, but this time in a positive way for consumers.

THE Simple diesel rose 1.7 cents a liter less than half of the 4 cents anticipated by the government compared to Monday last week. The national price of this fuel was EUR 1.881 per liter on average. already special diesel rose 2.3 centsat a price of EUR 1,915.

As for gasoline 95, the government had predicted no additions. There were, but almost zero. THE simple gasoline 95 rose 0.7 cents, at an average price of EUR 1.955 / liter. already specialty gasoline 95 rose 1.3 centsEUR 1 982 per liter.

Finally, there was even a small drop in the most efficient gasolines: 98 gasoline fell half a cent, To EUR 2 093 per liter. And 98 specialty gasoline rose 1.3 centsTo EUR 2.12 per liter.

Measured as a percentage, the changes from the beginning of last week to the beginning of this week were only 0-1%.

The data provided by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology are averages of 2 900 service stations in mainland Portugal.

Since the beginning of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, fuel increases in Portugal have ranged from 14 to about 22 cents per liter. Diesels were the most expensive, about 13%. Gasoline, on the other hand, rose 8%. Nevertheless, and contrary to what has been suggested, plain diesel is cheaper than plain petrol 95.

Fuel data is set freely by gas stations and changes daily. But according to tradition, the most significant fluctuations in Portugal typically occur on Mondays.

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