Are you under 35 and want to rent an apartment? The search for Porta 65 opens this Tuesday

The application for the Porta 65 program – youth rental – starts this Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 10 a.m. and ends on May 24, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (continental time).

Young people aged 18 and under (in the case of a young couple, one of the members may be 36 years old and the other up to 34 years old) may apply as long as:

1. Make a lease for a permanent home;

2. Do not benefit cumulatively from any subsidies or other public support for housing;

3. None of the young members of the household is the owner or tenant of another building or part of a dwelling for housing;

4. None of the young members of the family is related or related to the landlord.

Registration is done electronically on the housing portal using the “Submit Application” option with a NIF (tax identification number) and a password to access the Tax Authority.

It is important to note that “all applicants to the youth group must access the platform with their NIF and corresponding password and each must fill in their personal information,” can be read on the official page of the program.

If the application is accepted, the young person can receive support for 12 months immediately after the publication of the results without retroactive effect. Until the 8th day of each month, a percentage of the value of the rent will be transferred to the NIB mentioned in the application.

Priority will be given to applicants or the lowest income households. The monthly income of a young person or a household may not exceed four times the value of the maximum allowable income for each zone.

However, the adjusted (ie household-based) monthly income cannot exceed four times the minimum wage (€ 2,400). The total gross income earned by the young person and all members of the household must be compatible with the maximum effort of 60%.

Preference will also be given to households with minors or people with disabilities, and only then to families with a dependent ascendant if their income is less than three guaranteed monthly wages.

The Porta 65 – Jovem program is a system that provides financial support for the hiring of isolated, grouped or cohabiting young people and is governed by a set of legal degrees.

“It aims to regulate incentives for young tenants by encouraging young people to live more independently, with their families or in cohabitation; rehabilitating degraded urban areas and dynamizing the rental market, ”it reads.

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