At the gym with her boyfriend Carolina Deslandes shoots: “Be with me only with a six-pack”

more and more in love Carolina Deslandes continue to share several moments with her boyfriend, Igor Regallawho tries not to conceal any of his routines with his thousands of followers.

This Tuesday, April 19, the singer showed up with her partner on her way to the gym and took advantage of a moment later to “inject” Igor Regalla.

Through published videos storiesCarolina Deslandes began by admitting that she was not mentally ready to return to practice: “We return to rehearsals, and I literally spend time in the car mentally, ”Asks his followers if anyone else is following him in this attitude. Soon after, you can hear Igor Regalla say “we have to get him out of the car”Ask their personal trainer for help.

As he stepped into space and even before starting his rehearsal, the singer continued to hum “leave the plump in peace”But soon after, she focused on the exercises her boyfriend was already doing and did it by leaving some warnings.

Straight back, thank you! ALRIGHT? Exhale as you pull, inhale as you lift. I already explained to Regalla that to stay with me you need to have a six-pack. I am not allowed to work on bodybuilding here, it is a minimum”He said, as you can see below:

Carolina Deslandes is “natural” and admits, “I no longer wanted to see myself without filters and it’s scary.”

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