Battlefield 2042 receives a voice call

battlefield 2042 will receive today (19) update 4.0 which added game voice chat option. He is one of the biggest updates to the game DICE already received. In addition, other changes have been made to the game, such as scoreboard design improvements and adjustments, weapon mooring system upgrades, and more.


DICE also explained that its absence was due to the fact that players usually use external platforms to communicate with each other, such as on the Discord PC and through the console’s communication system itself.

Players can choose from two voice chat channels, a group or a group. To enable the feature, go to the Settings menu and select Chat on the Sound / Audio tab.

EA has taken the time to listen to feedback from the Battlefield 2042 community and has already released some minor updates that include bugs, performance, and other improvements. In addition, subsequent updates should continue to bring improvements to the game.

It should be borne in mind that the release of Battlefield 2042 was, to put it mildly, disappointing (not to say it is a disaster) and led the publisher Electronic Arts completely re-evaluate the development of a series of games.

For more information on Battlefield 2042, see The Enemy’s review, which reads: “DICE seems to be stuck with Battlefield in a vicious circle, as it’s more interested in release deadlines and new things that look cool in trailers than delivering a game named after Battlefield. At least in Battlefield 2042, through Portal mode, it’s possible to go back to the old games from the days when the series really deserved its visibility.

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