Bruno’s parents, from the book “Married at First Sight”, died the same day of “addiction”

Ruth and Bruno they held a wedding in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Learn more about the candidate Married at first sighthis uncles were chatting at the “Casa Feliz.” Diana Chaves and João Baião.

During the discussion, e.g. João and Isabel Moreira they praised their nephews a lot and resorted to the dependence of Bruno’s parents. “Bruno’s life has been a challenge, but he has a very good head and he knows how to handle things very well.”said the aunt.

Bruno lived in his mother’s grandmother’s house. The parents were addicted, but they loved their son and were very present. It just wasn’t a normal presence. They admired him, but they did not have the ability to be with him more, to be more present. But he felt a little bad in the absence of his parents.was revealed.

He was sure his parents would not last long., he lived with this consciousness. He knew about his parents’ lives. Maybe that awareness led him on a good path of not wanting it. “he added.

Bruno’s parents died the same day he was only 19 years old. They died every hour, one after the other. [O Bruno] he had to have very strong support, and his head also had to be, because sometimes we give a lot of advice and they don’t take it. But he didn’t, he always accepted. ”said Isabel.

Bruno’s uncles also talked about the candidate’s relationship with his seven-year-old daughter. Look now:

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