Health warns of an increase in cases of dengue fever

In 2022, 14 cases of dengue fever were reported, so the municipality of Louveira is asking residents to pay attention to the treatment needed to prevent the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

According to the National Board of Health, 9 of the residents who had a confirmed diagnosis of the disease became ill in the municipality itself (3), 3 became infected in other cities (imports) and 2 are still under investigation.

According to an epidemiological bulletin released last week, the city has so far reported 69 cases, 36 of which have been decommissioned and 19 are still awaiting test results.

9 original cases were confirmed in the districts of Colinas: Ipiranga (2), Cidade Jardim (2), Parque Brasil, Parque das Videiras, Jardim Bandeirantes, Jardim Nova América and Jardim Lago Azul.

City Hall is implementing measures to combat dengue fever through cleanups, visits by zoonotic groups and the distribution of brochures outlining measures to be taken by residents to prevent the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The work is done by the departments of environmental administration, health care and public services. Locations are defined according to the epidemiological scenario of each area.

The Health Board calls on residents of all areas to conduct periodic inspections of properties (commercial and residential), including land, to remove reservoirs that can store rainwater, which is a favorable environment for the reproduction of mosquitoes laying in clean water. stop.

See the general guidelines for health surveillance and do your part.

Inside the houses:
– Cover pools and water tanks;
– Always keep gutters clean;
– Always leave bottles or other containers upside down;
– Keep bins well covered;
– Leave the drains clean and with filters;
– Clean weekly or fill pots with sand;
– Clean the water containers of the animals with a brush or sponge;
– Remove accumulated water from the service area or places, such as behind the washing machine

Exteriors of houses and flats:
– Cover the pool and hot tub areas and perform regular maintenance;
– Clean drains and external ducts;
– Be careful with bromeliads, aloe vera and other plants that can collect water;
– Leave used protective covers to cover well-stretched objects to avoid puddles;
– Keep water-accumulating objects, such as tires, covered or inverted to prevent water stagnation.
– Check the ballroom, bathrooms and pantry to prevent water build-up.

Report it
You can also work together to combat dengue fever by reporting possible mosquito breeding sites at (19) 3878-2323 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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