“I don’t like him”: André Sardet was wrong and sent a message to Pipoca Mais Docelle – Showbiz

In the “Sorry, but you have to ask” section of Rádio Renascença in the As Três da Manhã program, André Sardet revealed that he had accidentally sent a message to Ana Garcia Martins (Pipoca Mais Doce). In the text, the singer admitted that she didn’t like the influencer and blogger.

“A woman or a woman’s agent had sent several emails to my hotel asking her to stay there and exchange messages (…) We discussed internally and opposed it. If you want to come, pay. The hotel and I will pay. But the decision was for her to go to the hotel. I made a post and my friend sent a message, and I replied to my friend, saying, “I don’t like this girl at all.”

In a conversation with Joana Marques and Inês Lopes Gonçalves, André Sardet also revealed that Pipoca Mais Doce replied that it was a mistake. “I said it was him, I apologized and asked not to take it wrong. After 40 years, I can already say things like crazy. Then I was the subject of a joke in his performance,” he said.

In the show, Ana Garcia Martins surprised the singer. “André, big kiss. To say that your hotel is absolutely amazing. The only problem is that you can perform singing at any time and it’s very annoying to guests. Don’t do that. Kisses,” he joked.

Watch the video here.

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