In tears, Teresa Silva recalls her mother’s abortion: “Of course I felt guilty …”

Teresa Silva was one of the commentators on the Manhã CM program this Tuesday, April 19th. So the former Big Brother 2020 contestant, alongside Adriano Silva Martins, Léo Caeiro and Gonçalo Quinaz, commented on the latest news from Famous.

In a conversation with Ágata Rodrigues and Duarte Siopa about the death of one of the twins of Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, Teresa Silva also recalled the abortions performed by her mother.

“My mother also lost three children who were with me in the womb”started sharing and then added: “Mlater, much later, when I was 11/12 years old, I became pregnant again and in the meantime something happened to me, and my mother was pregnant, already had an advanced pregnancy (…), and had heartache in her life because I… anyway… ”he recalled bursting into tears.

“Of course I felt guilty”

Teresa Silva then explained that the mother ended up losing the baby when she learned about the traumatic episode she was experiencing: “Then he only thought of me, but I remember that to this day he kept all the baby clothes (…). I was the victim of a crime that was not completed, but which affected me and my mother, then arrives, gets that news and that’s all, she lost the baby. “he said agitated and stated that he had felt “guilty” for several years.

Remember that Teresa Silva told the episode she mentioned in “Big Brother 2020” when she made the curve of her life.

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