iPhone 14 Pro: No USB Type-C, but faster flash

According to data now released, the 14th generation iPhone does not yet see a USB Type-C connection.

But the good news is that Apple is updating its Lightning connectors to support USB 3.0 speeds, around 5 Gbps.

Only the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have USB 3.0 speeds

iPhone 13 Lightning connectors run on USB 2.0 (480 Mbps)

For all users waiting for UBS Type-C to integrate into the iPhone, we have bad news. Apple’s next-generation smartphone doesn’t have that kind of connection, but there’s good news.

Apparently Cupertino is upgrading the Lightning connectors to support USB 3.0, or 5 Gbps. This is a major update that makes all the difference from the user’s perspective. Keep in mind that current Lightning connectors run at USB 2.0 speeds, so to speak, at 480 Mbps.

According to the same information provided by iDropNews, Apple plans to make this update to increase revenue from other manufacturers that produce cables, adapters, and other accessories. This may also be the main reason why Apple isn’t implementing the much-desired USB Type-C standard on its high-end smartphone.

iPhone 16 can provide wireless transmissions at the speed of light

According to information from the iDropNews website, Apple has a vision where it wants the next generation of the iPhone to be portless but to provide high-speed data transfer without the need for cables.

But the same source also contributes to Apple not realizing its vision in the next smartphone models. Maybe the iPhone 16 or 17 can achieve such an ambitious goal.

On the other hand, the iDropNews website was unable to confirm whether the Lightning connectors, which have been upgraded to USB 3.0, will also be integrated into the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, or whether this specification is reserved for Pro models only, as expected. with the brand’s new Bionic processor.

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