Johnny Depp’s nurse looked the actor’s finger all over the house: “It was a mess”

Johnny Depp blamed his ex-wife, Amber HeardThe defamation and since then the life of the former couple has been investigated in court. In the trial that began on April 12, several people have been called as witnesses.

This Monday, April 18, the jury heard a pre-recorded testimony from the actor’s former nurse, Debbie Lloydwho was part of a team that helped Johnny Depp fight his opioid addiction.

The healthcare professional was with the former couple in Australia in March 2015 New York timesDebbie said that when she arrived at the house where the actress was staying during the filming Pirates of the Caribbean collided with broken television and writing on the walls. Depp’s hands were covered in paint and dirt.


Johnny Depp’s finger accident happened the same day. “I remember looking his finger downstairs. The house was messy.” recalled the nurse who had to browse the house. The property manager eventually found a finger and took it to the hospital for the actor to have surgery.

Debbie said she had heard “Stories of different people”. “I heard Amber threw him a bottle of vodka” told the nurse. However, Amber Heard denies the claim. “I also heard he had destroyed his fingers on the phone.”, he added. What happened that night is still a dispute between the former couple.

Johnny Deep’s former private physician, David Kipper, also testified and said that he went into the house soon after the incident and saw a shard of glass and blood on the floor, but he did not see any blood in the shards. David testified that the actor explained to doctors at the emergency department that he had cut his finger with a knife.

Is there a “cancel culture” to stay? These celebrities have “put out” their fans.

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