Magalí Aravena Salvio: “You wanted to kill your children because of the mother’s girl” – International

Boca Juniors’ wife still doesn’t forgive last week’s events

The soap opera by Eduardo Salvio and Magalí Aravena continues in Argentina, and the Olé newspaper has now uncovered a conversation between the two on Thursday early after the alleged overthrow of the Boca Juniors player. On the same day at 4.14, the woman Salvio sent Whatsapp messages condemning the attitude of the former Benfica footballer. “You wanted to kill your children’s mother because of the girl. I just wanted to talk,” Magali said. Salvio denied him such a thing. “Don’t say ‘mom.’ You know it’s impossible. It would never happen in my life. How would I ruin life that way,” he repeated.

Magalí also replied, “You opposed me and that’s why I climbed on the hood. I jumped because you were going to drive over me. Are you blind? Don’t you know who I am?” Claimed Salvio’s wife and mother. two.

Remember that Magalí Aravena blamed her husband trying to drive him over when Salvio told police it was all because a scene of jealousy.

Author: Flavio Miguel Silva


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