Marie responds to appearance criticism: “I felt insecure and almost ridiculous”

Marie used her Instagram account to respond to criticism she faced for her look at TVI’s Big Brother Famosos Gala this Sunday, April 17th.

The former competitor of the true show told a series of portraits in which she appears with Cristina Ferreira:

“These images delight me, they are contrasts that many are still not ready to see without comparing and giving a negative opinion for depression when there is nothing comparable in the background and the concept of beauty is as abstract as pure drawing. Oxygen … and I speak for myself without the truth , but with all the current feeling!

Yesterday, I felt beautiful and fast when I was dealing with people, I felt insecure and almost ridiculous, when deep down I was sure it was the day I felt most special so far! I was really full of spots on my face and a bouquet of flowers in my hair and the whole process went without realizing that “ah okay, well, I’m going to the TV gala and not to my room or with my friends.” , ordeal it is true and in this case I would say right ‘, but my room can be the world if the world is not limited to using only the room of compassion and opening the doors to difference.

I quickly felt comfortable again when I realized I was in my room and with my friends that it’s really okay to look like I have chickenpox or measles and that I don’t have to be just another person wasting time on a judgment when I’m already letting someone do it it’s for me. Be free fairies! Thanks to TVI and Cristina Ferreira for still seeing how deep inside we are so similar and opening the door to your room to get some color. ”

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