“Married”: Dina makes a surprising decision and the audience “doesn’t forgive”

Dina Guedes made a surprising decision as she moved on to “Casados ​​à Primeira Vista”. When her husband, Tiago Jaqueta, met a Russian woman on her honeymoon and showed interest in meeting her, causing alleged fraud, Dina decided to give love a second chance.

In a commitment ceremony sent out on Sunday, the participant talked about the problems that marked the beginning of the marriage and the way he felt his trust in his partner faltered, but he did not want the marriage to stop there.

When Tiago Jaqueta and Dina Guedes decided to leave the experience, they agreed to stay, causing a stir on social media.

Several viewers ran to the Instagram page of the SIC program to show they were disappointed with the kindergarten teacher’s decision.

“Women like Dina make men disrespect her. I’ve stopped being sympathetic to her … how is it possible to want something with this man?”complained the successor.

“Dina agrees to be subjected to this unwarranted humiliation on full national television. It’s even worse that the production of the show finds this acceptable! As a woman, I feel hurt.”fired another.

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