Measles vaccination will begin in the region at risk of an outbreak – 19.04.2022

The measles vaccination campaign – a disease that had been eradicated in Brazil in 2016 and reappeared two years later – began in the country earlier this month for health professionals. The measure aims to curb a new outbreak by registering infected patients in several areas. In the state of São Paulo alone, in addition to the 25 suspects, there are two confirmed cases, one in the capital and another on the coast in São Vicente. Although Diadema City Hall is not included in the statistics, it said the city recorded one case in January and two others are under investigation.

In the face of a worrying scenario, Grande ABC cities are already giving measles vaccine to healthcare professionals and are preparing to give children vaccinations starting next week, with the exception of Diadema, which anticipates PEI (State Plan of Immunization) and started yesterday. to be given to children aged 0 to 4 years. The vaccine is available from 19 UBS (Basic Health Units) in the city, and Paço says the goal is to protect 95 percent of the 25,600 children in this age group.

Santo André and Ribeirão Pires will follow the state calendar and start vaccinating children on April 30th. In São Bernardo, the campaign starts on May 2 for children aged 6 months and under. São Caetano, Mauá and Rio Grande da Serra did not respond to Diáriio’s request for a childhood vaccination program.

Last year, Grande ABC recorded two of the nine confirmed cases across the state – one in Ribeirão Pires and another in São Bernardo. Three measles was suspected in Santo Andrés, but all were rejected. According to the State Ministry of Health, vaccines against measles (triple virus), tuberculosis (BCG), HPV, pentavalent and hepatitis A are permanently available in the offices according to a national vaccination schedule defined by the Ministry of Health.

Measles is an infectious disease caused by the Morbillivirus, which is transmitted through respiratory secretions, coughing, speech, or air, as explained by Carolina Polido, coordinator of the Faculdade Estácion Nursing Course. He confirms that the main symptoms of the disease are fever, malaise, runny nose, cough and even conjunctivitis, in addition to the known red spots that may appear on the body. “Bacterial pneumonia, otitis media, laryngitis and laryngitis are possible complications of measles. The only known prevention is vaccination, ”confirms the coordinator, who still recalls the low commitment of the measles vaccine over the past two years. “It is important to emphasize that not only the measles vaccination but also the coverage of other diseases, such as influenza, fell during this period. The entire health network was mobilized to contain the pandemic and efforts were focused on the production and use of the Covid-19 vaccine, ”he concluded.

Doctors Juliana Farias and Mônica Forrester from Amo Vacinas vaccination clinic warn of the dangers of the disease. “Measles is a respiratory disease with a very high risk of spreading in the community, so there is a risk of an epidemic. “Infectious diseases are not only common in children, but can be spread and spread by anyone. Prevention is done through vaccinations,” experts say.

The ECA forces those responsible to vaccinate children

The right to vaccinate children is guaranteed by the ECA (Child and Adolescent Statute), which also stipulates that children must be vaccinated on the recommendation of the health authorities. Failure to comply with the vaccination schedule could result in a fine of three to 20 minimum wages and also the negligence of the perpetrators, as explained by lawyer Antônio Carlos Morad.

“Sanctions for parents who fail to comply with this rule are set out in section 129 of the Act and include a number of measures decided by the promoter of childhood and adolescence, the first of which is a warning and the most severe, such as loss. custody and termination of the child. guardianship, ”the lawyer points out.


This year’s vaccination program presented by the Ministry of Health was divided into two phases: 4-30. Influenza vaccination has been prescribed for elderly and healthcare workers aged 60 and over, who must also update the vaccine. have not received measles vaccine. In the second stage 2.5.-3.6. Measurements of measles are applied between For children 6 months of age and under 5 years of age, pregnant women and women who have given birth, indigenous peoples, people with other diseases.

According to the ministry, children must take a dose of each immunizer, and concomitant use of influenza and measles vaccines is not contraindicated. “By vaccinating the public, we will curb the spread of the virus in the country and thus reduce the complications of diseases such as congestion in health services, hospitalizations and deaths,” the ministry said.

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