(More) “made in America” ​​scam: “How the hell did you get nine billion dollars without anything?” | TV

Look, the viewer arrives at the end of a dizzying competition in a series about scammers and the founders of Silicon Valley, which have been on display for the past three months. streaming. The drop: the story of the scam, the last one to arrive is probably the winner. In this constant invitation to watch another series and continue the discussion, it has all the ingredients of its predecessors (the Prestige team, an incredible true story), but it has something that sets it apart – Amanda Seyfried’s catchy interpretation of those proposing the Emmy, and an urgent but less obvious topic. “In recent years, there has been an attack on the idea of ​​objective truth, especially more recently on scientific truth,” writer Elizabeth Meriweather tells PUBLIC. “This is a particularly important moment for this debate.”

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