Piqué: “We can dispute the morality of an act, but exposing voices is illegal”

As promised, Gerard Piqué replied Twitch questions from several reporters this Monday, thereafter newspaper El Confidencial has published recordings in which a Spanish defender is negotiating the terms of an agreement to host the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabiarepresenting his company (Kosmos Global Holding) with Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Association.

The Barcelona player began by saying he had “nothing to hide.” “I got a call from El Confidencial a week ago and they told me this was coming out. I told them I didn’t care,” he said.

“We wanted to change the format of the competition and make it more interesting to the viewer. This has implications for revenue. President [Luis Rubiales] I really liked the idea, “he explained.

Piqué revealed that Saudi Arabia was not the only option and that the United States of America and Qatar were also on the table. The defender also considered a commission of € 24 million (four out of every six editions) “relatively normal in the world we live in”.

“The Commission varies between 10% and 15% and we believed it was in line with what the institutions charge for this type of administration. The fee is in line with the market,” he emphasized.

“We’re talking about something great. We can argue about the morality of the act, but the only illegal thing here is publishing votes. In 2019, the existence of the Cosmos Commission was already known,” he added.

The player explained that Barcelona was aware of everything and also how the company he owned gets paid.

“We are officially collecting the fee directly from the Saudi government. In no case will we charge anything to the RFEF [Federação espanhola]. I do not have a commercial agreement with RFEF, “he pointed out.

Piqué stressed that the published vote is “out of context”. “I’m just helping the president get a sensible formula. I’m trying to help you. It has nothing to do with commercial sports. I just made one offer to the RFEF. Before the change, 120 thousand euros were raised and now there are 40 million.

“I’m part of the RFEF, I’ve played for the Spanish national team for over 10 years. One thing has nothing to do with another. I know how to distinguish a commercial contract from what I’ve done all my life, namely playing football. I never got help. If they tell me that a sensible trade agreement affects competition, they have no idea who I am. “

“I want to emphasize that this is a company, not me personally,” he added.

“I understand that it’s not uncommon for a player to be involved in this type of business because the player doesn’t do these things until he retires, but I like it. Do I have to apologize? I’m not going to do that, let everyone think what they want, ”he shot.

The 35-year-old says he could “spend my whole life on the couch doing nothing,” but emphasized his passion for business. “Producing money in our society where we live means success and I like it,” he concluded.

As for the four lines, Piqué says there is a 99% chance of the Spanish team taking part in the Qatar World Cup.

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