PJ and Brazilian police search and arrest in connection with drug trafficking and the plane João Loureiro traveled on

According to a Brazilian police statement, “The states of Bahia, São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Pernambuco have 43 search and seizure orders and seven pre-trial detention orders. In Portugal, under the supervision of the Federal Police, the Portuguese police enforce three search and seizure orders and two pre-trial detention orders in the cities of Porto and Braga.

Investigations began in February 2021 when the Dassault Falcon 900 business jet, owned by the Portuguese air taxi company, landed at Salvador / BA International Airport to pick up fuel. “After the inspection, about 595 kg of cocaine were found in the fuselage”, more police.

Brazilian police claim to have identified the structure of a criminal organization operating between Portugal and Brazil. The network would consist of “cocaine suppliers, flight mechanics and assistants (responsible for opening the fuselage for drug packaging), drivers (responsible for the flight) and money changers (responsible for the group’s operations)”.

Brazilian law also ordered measures for seizure, confiscation of assets and closure of the values ​​of the bank accounts used by the subjects.

The investigations were co-operated by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration – North American Anti-Drug Agency), the Portuguese Judicial Police Unit for Drug Trafficking and the Federal Ministry.

In a statement sent to the news agencies, the police added that “during the operation, a foreign woman was also arrested at a luxury hotel in Lisbon, against whom an internationally effective arrest warrant was issued by a competent Brazilian. authorities were waiting. “

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