Scientists broke the world record for quantum communications – Época Negócios

A new world record for secure and direct quantum communications has been set.

Beijing researchers have set a new world record for secure and direct quantum communications (QSDC) of 102.2 kilometers, which is much higher than the previous 18 kilometers. Transmission rates were very slow, 0.54 bits per second, but were considered good enough to encrypt text messages and calls over a distance of 30 kilometers.

According to Research Director Long Guilu, the work could eventually lead to sustained communication by hackers, as all attempts to eavesdrop on the quantum line can be detected immediately.

QSDC uses the principle of clinging in secure networks. Quantum physics dictates that entangled particles are related to each other, so if you change the property of one, the other also changes immediately.

In theory, particles stay connected even if they are light years away, so these systems should work long distances.

The same research team set a previous fiber record and developed a “new physical system design with a new protocol” to achieve the longest distance. They simplified it by removing the “complex active compensation subsystem” used in the previous model.

As a result, the system withstands much more so-called channel loss, making it impossible to decrypt encrypted messages. This in turn made it possible to extend the fiber from 28.3 km to a record 102.2 km. “The experiment shows that direct and secure quantum communication over fiber is possible with current technology,” the group wrote in the experiment.

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