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THE Support for the most vulnerable families was originally created about three weeks ago, but only for those who benefited from the social energy tariff in March, when the government has meanwhile decided to extend the measure to beneficiaries of the minimum social benefit.

The diploma released today defines what social benefits are covered.

Families who are not beneficiaries of the TSEE are therefore eligible [Tarifa Social de Eletricidade]but where at least one of the members of the household is the recipient of a minimum social benefit according to a diploma as of March 2022.

These benefits are CSI, RSI, Social Invalidity Pension, Inclusion Supplement, Social Old Age Pension and Social Unemployment Benefit.

The scope also includes “households where one of the children is a level 1 or 2 family beneficiary and where the calculation of the reference income of the same household corresponds to extreme poverty situations according to the parameters defined in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Statistics Finland’s living and income survey” confirms the diploma.

The additional support amounts to EUR 60 per household and is paid once from social security, in April to recipients of a social energy tariff and in May for other situations.

The € 60 subsidy to offset rising food prices was the 762,320 beneficiary of the social energy tariff, originally registered as a universe in March.

With the extension of the minimum benefits, the government now estimates that the support will reach about 830 thousand families, which is 68 thousand more than previously defined.

The incremental cost of the measure is EUR 55 million according to the 2022 draft budget.

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