SIC in Ukraine: Anti-aircraft batteries in Odessa shoot to avoid attack

Sirens warning of possible air strikes will sound again in the cities of southern Ukraine. Mykolaiv was once again the target of a bomb attack. Report by SIC Special Envoys Nuno Pereira and José Silva.

Anti-aircraft batteries shoot into the air in the city of Odessa. They are looking for something they have found in heaven.

Russian troops are based in Kherson, but Ukrainian authorities say they are not trying to force them to leave the city.

On Monday morning, the Russians were reported to have used cluster munitions – banned by international protocols – in the town of Ochakiv in the Mykolaiv region.

The Mykola area is one of the most attacked: 13 were killed in a night bombing. There are currently 301 people in hospital in the city.

Ukrainian authorities have detected an attempt to sabotage Russian soldiers arriving on the Mykolaiv line, trying to disable the air defense system. When the soldiers were found, they were repulsed.

Pictures of the sinking Russian military ship “Moscow” came from the sea. The ship protected all Russian ships, and without “Moscow,” the navy weakened. However, Ukrainian forces do not rule out the possibility of an amphibious fall.

The administration of the Mykolaiv region confirms that 15,658 civilians have left the city in the last 24 hours, most of whom have sought refuge in Odessa.

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