The attack on Lviv shows that the Kremlin will not spare any part of the country, Borrell says

“The strongest missile attacks in the Russian Federation have hit Ukraine for weeks. The EU condemns the continuing, arbitrary and illegal bombing of the Russian armed forces, which affects civilians and civilian infrastructure,” Josep Borrell said in a statement today.

On the day Russian troops attacked the city of Lviv (western) with missiles, the EU High Representative said in a statement that this attack on Lviv and other cities in western Ukraine showed that no part of the country had been saved. “About the Kremlin’s senseless attack [Presidência russa]”.

“The EU actively supports the work of the International Criminal Court and measures to ensure accountability for violations of human rights and international humanitarian law,” said Josep Borrell, stressing that “war crimes cannot go unpunished.”

“Russia must immediately and unconditionally cease hostilities and withdraw all troops and military equipment from Ukraine,” urges the head of EU diplomacy.

Russian forces attacked Lviv today and hit several targets in various parts of Ukraine in an apparent attempt to eliminate the country’s defense before a full-scale attack on the east.

According to Lviv Governor Maksym Kozytsky, at least seven people were killed in the attacks, which also caused “11 injuries, including a child”. Three of the injured are in “serious condition,” he said.

During almost two months of conflict, the Lviv region has seen only occasional attacks and has become a refuge for many civilians who have fled intense fighting elsewhere in the country.

The city has also become an important transit area for various types of weapons supplied by NATO to Kiev and foreign fighters involved in Ukrainian affairs.

Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and an important transport hub only 80 km from NATO member states Poland.

Even today, a powerful explosion also struck Vasylkivi, a city south of the capital Kiev, home to a military base, according to local residents quoted by the Associated Press news agency.

Military analysts pointed out that Russia is stepping up its attacks on arms factories, railways and other infrastructure across the country to undermine Ukraine’s ability to resist the reported attack in the Donbass region, an industrial east where the majority is Russian-speaking.

More than 2,000 civilians have already died in Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine, according to UN figures, which warn that the real number is likely to be much higher.

As a result of the war, about 12 million people fled, more than five million of them to neighboring countries.

The international community generally condemned the Russian attack, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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