The Dengue Fever Task Force in São Carlos collects 51 tonnes of rubble and waste Sao Carlos and Araraquara

At least 51 tons of crushed stone, waste and other material was collected in São Carlos (SP) this Tuesday (19th) in a joint effort to combat mosquitoes spreading Aedes aegypt, dengue fever, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.

The municipality has 236 cases of dengue fever this year, with 1 death.

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40 agents involved in the control of endemic diseases visited the houses in the neighborhood of Romeu Tortorelli from 9 am to 5 pm to inspect and remove nesting sites.

On Wednesday (20), the team will continue in Romeu Tortorelli, Parque Sisi (between João Stella and Bruno Ruggiero Filho) and continue to the Santa Felícia district.

Action against dengue in São Carlos – Photo: São Carlos Town Hall

Cleaning and awareness

In addition to cleaning up the areas, the working group sought to make the public aware of the importance of disposing of discarded items and materials and to identify irregular waste points.

A total of 17 trucks were scrapped, including dump trucks and dry cargo. Not all materials had a growth medium, but many had development potential.

“In the morning, many properties were closed. In the afternoon, the agents returned to these houses. A lot of denials were recorded, but materials such as tires, various plastic items, cans, cans, buckets, a collapsible pool, tarpaulins, bottles, and toilets were found in the places that allowed professionals to enter. We also found many residents in Romeu Tortorel who collect recyclable material for resale and therefore did not allow the removal of these materials in the bags, ”said Denise Scatolini, director of the Health and Information Control Support Department in the Minister of Health.

Agents look for house-to-house breeding sites in São Carlos – Photo: São Carlos Town Hall

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