The new names of the two NXT fighters were banned

WWE has wildly renamed many of their Superstars names because they don’t want them to use their real names or the names they used before joining the company to secure their exclusivity.

It was reported over the weekend that Kay Lee Ray and Kacy Catanzaro are expected to be the next NXT fighters to be renamed, but while these have not yet happened, they may not be the only ones.

There have been rumors in the last few hours that Dakota Kai would be known as Clarice Riverz, while Indi Hartwell would change her name to Indiana Hallow, but Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp points out this is not the case.

The reporter explained that these rumors are false, but that does not mean that both fighters will be safe from the name change in the future. Indi Hartwell was already known before joining WWE, but Dakota Kai is the creation of the company, so there is no obvious reason for any change.

If a company wants to adhere strictly to this unique naming convention, then the next NXT superstars to change their names could be Kushida, Fabian Aichner, Roderick Strong, among others.

Do you think it makes sense for WWE to want exclusive names for its superstars? Could Dakota Kai and Indi Hartwell be the next “victims”?

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