The sinking of the Russian ship will cause at least 37 deaths, writes the Meduza portal

The ship – which according to Ukrainian military sources sank last week after being hit by two “Neptune” missiles – had about 500 people, a hundred of whom were injured, the number of missing is unknown.

The Meduza portal cites the person in charge of the Black Sea Fleet as the source.

Hours before sinking, Kiev had reported several explosions on a Russian ship that caused a collision with Ukrainian missiles.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the warship suffered “a severe fire and the subsequent explosion of ammunition,” and although “it suffered severe damage,” the crew was evacuated.

An attempt was made to tow the cruiser, a symbol of the Russian navy, to a safe harbor, and Moscow later confirmed the sinking as the cause of the “conditions” associated with the storm.

The German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), for its part, reports in an issue published today, based on unknown Russian sources, that the Moscow ship was recruited, unlike the official versions of the Kremlin.

Sources also denied that the Moscow crew was saved in its entirety.

“It is a lie, a vulgar and cynical lie,” wrote Dimitri Schkrebes on Russian social media VK. [originalmente VKontakte]refers to the official version of the Kremlin.

According to the FAZ, Schkrebes ’eldest son, Yegor, was recruited late last year in Yalta to perform military service on a Moscow ship where he worked as a chef.

Dimitro Schkrebes guarantees that his son will be on the missing list of the Moscow crew.

After several reports of Russian arrests captured by Ukrainian troops in early March, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that reservists or recruits had not taken part in a “special military operation” because the Kremlin was referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In addition, in 2017 there was an official statement that no recruits were sent to the warships.

On the same social network, VK found messages from a St. Petersburg woman about another recruiter, Mark Tarasov, who was said to be serving in Moscow and who has also disappeared.

According to the FAZ, Ukrainian media also reported the death of Lieutenant Ivan Wachrusew on a Moscow plane, which was confirmed by his wife, who also confirmed that 27 crew members were missing.

The Russian opposition newspaper Novaia Gazeta, which has been post-suspended in Russia for a European digital edition, published a story over the weekend about a woman whose son also performed military service on a Moscow ship.

The woman, who refused to name her for fear of retaliation, said her son survived the sinking and called him in tears on Friday from Ukraine, telling him about 40 people had died, many were injured and others were missing.

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