to find out which districts in Brusque receive a joint effort throughout the year

Through the Endemic Diseases Program, the Brusque Health Department announces measures to combat Aedes Aegypt, a dengue fever, Zika virus, yellow fever and a spread of Chikungunya disease.

According to Ariane Fischer, director of health care, there will be 18 activities and they will be distributed during 2022.


According to the calendar, the following working group will be in the city cemeteries on Saturday 23rd from 7 am: Parque da Saudade, Águas Claras, Dom Joaquim, Nova Brasília, Bateas, Guarani, Paquetá and the Lutheran Cemetery.

“Once again, we are asking for an understanding of society. I emphasize that we collect materials such as bottles, toilets, basins, barrels, rings, bowls. I remember that rubbish, pruning trees and old furniture do not fit into the collection categories, ”Ariane emphasizes.

The activities will be carried out by the Department of Endemic Diseases in collaboration with those involved in the Situation to Combat Dengue Fever.

Check the action plan:

May 7: Santa Terezinha district;
May 21: Nova Brasília Region;
June 4: Steffen District;
June 18: São Pedro district;
July 2: Santa Rita District;
July 16: Centro I and São Luiz districts;
July 30: Águas Claras District;
August 6: May 1 in the neighborhood;
August 20: Limeira District;
September 3: Bateas District;
September 17: Rio Branco District;
October 1: Districts of Limoeiro and Centro II;
September 15: Dom Joaquim District;
September 29: Districts of Cedrinho, Cedro Alton and Tomaz Coelho;
November 5: Ponta Russan and Poço Fundo Districts;
November 19: Districts of Santa Luzia and Zantão;
December 3: Districts of Azambuja, Jardim Maluchen and Souza Cruz.

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