Ukrainian army in Mariupol asks the pope for help in evacuating civilians – News

Ukrainian Ambassador to the Vatican Andrii Yurash published the information today on social media.

“Your Holiness, Pope Francis! I turn to you for help: the time has come when prayers are no longer enough,” begins a letter from a soldier who has been in the city for several weeks besieged by the Russian army.

“I’m not a Catholic, I’m Orthodox. I believe in God and know that light always overcomes darkness. I fought for over 50 days in complete siege, and I only have time to fight hard for every meter of the besieged city,” Volna wrote.

“You’ve probably seen a lot of things in your life. But I’m sure you’ve never seen what’s going on in Mariupol. Because this is hell on earth. I have little time to describe all the horrors I see here every day. In the factory, women with children and babies , living in “bunkers.” Hungry and cold.Every day the enemy’s planes are visible.The wounded die every day because there is no medicine, water or food, he continued.

The soldier concluded his letter, the ambassador explains on Twitter and asks the pope to “save their lives from Satan’s hands.”

Pope Francis today concluded the Easter Monday prayer with Regina Caeli, the rites of the holy week in which the war in Ukraine was at the center of what she said, such as on Easter Sunday when she appealed for its peace. land, “drawn to a cruel and senseless war.”

The pope also said that Vatican diplomacy is doing everything in its power to mediate the end of the war, and demanded a ceasefire during Orthodox Easter and announced that it would do its utmost to travel to Kiev to bring hope to the population.

Russia’s early military invasion of Ukraine on February 24 has already displaced more than 12 million people, more than 5 million of them in neighboring countries, according to the latest UN data – the worst refugee crisis ever. In Europe from World War II (1939-1945).

According to the UN, some 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

Russia’s attack, justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s need to “denatrify” and demilitarize Ukraine for Russia’s security, condemned the international community’s response by sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia. affect virtually all sectors, from banking to sport.

More than 2,000 civilians have died in the war in Ukraine today, according to UN figures, which warn that the real number is likely to be much higher.

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