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Yegor’s father spoke first. On Russian social media, Dmitry Shkrebets complained that no one said anything to him: his son was one of the crew. Moscow ship, A ship sunk by Ukrainian missiles in the Black Sea. There was no information about the fate of the crew from Vladimir Putin’s administration – which immediately rejected the idea that the Ukrainian army had sunk the ship. Only a video where the crew was healthy, but where about a hundred soldiers appeared when the crew was fivefold.

The great mystery of the Black Sea: what happened to the Moscow crew after all? Did they die or survive?

“The direct commanders of Moscow have informed me that my son, enlisted, is not among the dead and wounded, but it is listed as missing. A recruiter who was not supposed to be involved in hostilities has been listed as missing. Did he disappear on the high seas? !!!, ”Dad wrote in the Vkontakte network, a publication that would eventually be removed. Dmitry Shkrebets is a supporter of the Russian war in Ukraine on 24 February and the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

On April 15, he published a photo with his son and wrote “about a country that shouldn’t exist,” Ukraine.


On social media, Dmitry Shkrebets said that three other Russian families – from Yalta, Alupka and St. Petersburg – came into contact with him with similar stories. “Their children – more recruits – are also missing.”

Since then, several newspapers, such as Meduza, have tried to find out the whereabouts of the crew. death of an officer Ivan Vakhrushev confirmed his wife to Radio Liberty and a first-class sailor Vitali Begersky by his cousin Anastasia to Agentstvo.

Russia lost one of its largest warships. What is known about the Moscow attack?

In Crimea, it was a story Andrei, A 19-year-old who saw the light of day. His mother, Julia Tsyvova, confirmed to the BBC Russia that her son’s name is still on the list of missing Moscow crew members.

Back on social media, in Vcontact, Ulyana Tarasova ensures that her son Mark “lost to a Moscow cruiser,” information confirmed by Agentsvo. Anna Syromyasova, from the Sverdlovsk region, mourns her missing son in Moscow without knowing what fate has befallen her. “There are no lists. We’re looking for them. They won’t tell us anything.” said his mother to Meduza.

In addition to the families, a suspicion of what happened on board arrived on state television. Vladimir Solovyov, who saw that one of his houses was confiscated in Italy because he was a supporter of Putin, was excited to talk about the subject.

“How the hell did we miss Moscow?” he asked in a prime-time program, asking what the ship was doing there and how it is possible that, for example, fire protection systems were not working. “I’m furious about what happened.”

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