Apple may not prevent tracking on its iPhone

Last year, Apple unveiled App Tracking Transparency, a mandatory policy that prevents app creators from tracking user activity on other apps without first obtaining their express permission.

Data protection advocates praised the change, and Facebook warned it would wreak havoc on companies that support targeted advertising, and it received strong criticism from the company. However, reports released last week suggest that Apple’s new feature, ATT, as it is often abbreviated, does not always limit the secret collection of users ’personal information.

ATT is based on the requirement that users choose whether they want to monitor when an application is installed. He asks, “Allow [app] track your activity on other companies’ apps and websites?

At the same time, Apple also began requiring application vendors to provide all the information about what types of data this tracking collects from user and device data and how the data is used.

According to the report, ATT works in many ways as planned, but the shortcomings of the framework have also provided companies, especially large ones like Google and Facebook, with the opportunity to circumvent security and store more data. Thus, the report says that despite Apple’s promise of more transparency, ATT ends up offering a false sense of security.

“Overall, our findings suggest that while Apple’s changes will make it harder for individual users to track, they will motivate retaliation and strengthen market power for existing companies with access to large amounts of data,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also identified nine iOS apps that put code on a server to create a tag for a subsidiary of Chinese technology company Alibaba, which Apple has also even fought for in China.

The researchers compared 1,685 applications before and after the entry into force of the ATT, and the number of monitoring libraries remained unchanged. This means that the data collected by Apple or Google did not change, even though the applications reported that they did not collect data from users.

The purpose of this report is to show that Apple’s functionality is not as efficient despite the data available to date that advertising revenue has suffered a major drop.

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