BALL – Jarmolenko attacks Tymoshchuk over Ukraine war (Ukraine)

Andriy Yarmolenko, West Ham’s winger / striker for more than 100 matches (especially 104) for the Ukrainian national team, revealed a telephone conversation that did not end well with Anatoly Tymoshchuk, 43, the current assistant and record holder for the Russian Champions Zenit. For Ukraine, 144 (the record was broken because he continued to work with Russia after the war broke out).

“I told him he was [Tymoshchuk] it was an example to me and now it no longer represents it. He told me shit, I told him the same thing and the conversation ended, “remarked Hammers number 7, quoted by Radio Monte Carlo (RMC) Sport:” I asked him if he could still sleep at night, to which he replied that he was not sleeping. “

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