BALL – Manchester City was in the derby to see (again) Matheus Nunes (sports)

Matheus Nunes, a 23-year-old Portuguese-Brazilian midfielder, is one of Manchester City’s goals for next season, and the English Colossus will not miss the opportunity to get closer to Sporting and the player as he clearly wants to strengthen his position and is naturally aware. Of this, the Portuguese international is also on the agenda of other European giants.

Although unobtrusively, as always, the secret was not the soul of the company citizens They were represented in Alvalade’s boxes in a game played with Benfica, those who have been following the development of Matheus Nunes for a long time, but who do not miss the opportunity for new assessments. This is exactly what happened to rivals Benfica, the game with the greatest demand, and the English want to understand the reactions of midfielder Leonon in front of different levels of difficulty.

What is certain is that the reviews have been absolutely satisfactory, and Manchester City no longer have any doubts at this point about the possible hiring of Matheus Nunes all the way to Pep Guardiola, the Spanish coach of Spain. citizenshave praised the player in a recent draw between the two clubs in the 16th semi-finals of the Champions League.

By the way, the British are already fully aware of the values ​​that Sporting intends to reconcile in order to accept the transfer of a talented footballer, in a contract that will never be made for less than € 40 million – this is the minimum amount the lions will demand from a player.

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