BALL – Paulo Sérgio responds to criticism: “It’s a lot of intellectual dishonesty” (Portimonense)

Last Sunday’s match against FC Porto is still being talked about and Portimonense’s coach denied criticism, justifying his options.

Paulo Sérgio explained in a Facebook comment on Vitória de Guimarães and Marítimo coach and former player Rui Vieira: “When you talk about saving, and the lightning strikes me, they’re talking 7 [jogadores poupados], is pure evil. William banned 3 matches, Possignolo banned from the red card in the previous game, Wellington banned after celebrating a goal in the previous match (5 yellow cards), Pedrão did not practice for fear of muscle injury. »

“The one I kept on the bench was Samuel (4 yellow cards), Payam played (Iran’s international national team), Ivan Angulo (4 yellow cards), I played Anderson (who has multiple games) and I held the son of Weapon, which is key. since Pedrão had doubts about Moreirense’s status, I had the only possible center to play with Moreirense’s. dishonesty, “he pondered, and immediately stopped,” It’s a shame that people only analyze football from the perspective of its social colors. It’s easy. “

The coach also clarified his ability to replace the goalkeeper with FC Porto when Payam was released from Samuel Portugal’s turn. “I can believe he was hired to play because Samuel’s sale was immediate. It wasn’t completed and I decided to continue Samuel. His game at Luz is normal in everyone’s mind, but there have been times when I’ve hesitated to change him or not. as for Payam, we have an excellent goalkeeper and that Nakamura even gives me guarantees. “

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