Big Brother: Bruna Gomes reacts while watching Bernardo Sousa’s race videos: “What a fear!”

This Wednesday afternoon, April 20, Bernardo Sousa introduced his profession as a car pilot to his other colleagues and revealed sample videos of some of the races he previously participated in.

As many colleagues were unaware of Bernardo Sousa’s profession, the surprise was common and the shock among Bruna Gomes’ faces among the reactions was infamous: “Oh man, what a fear!“, shot an influencer who received an answer from her boyfriend:”This is nothing“.

Oh my God, what butterflies in my stomach. You’re crazy Bernardo“continued the influencer, who also reacted when he saw the possibility that this would be his” new life “alongside Bernardo Sousa:”I fainted because on the first translation I went with God“.

Take a look here:

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