Boris apologizes but refuses to resign because of the country’s “priorities”

In his speech, the head of government confirmed “with all humility” that he received a fine last week for attending the June 2020 event, which he paid “immediately.”

Johnson reiterated an earlier argument, arguing that the event in question would be a meeting in response to the pandemic and not a birthday party.

“As soon as I received the announcement, I acknowledged the damage and anger and said that people have a right to expect better from their Prime Minister, and I am repeating it now in Parliament. Precisely because I know that many people are angry and disappointed, priorities and respond to (…) Putin’s barbaric attack on Ukraine, he said.

He also promised to address the “economic aftershocks of covid and Russian aggression” that are driving up energy and consumer prices.

However, Labor leader Keir Starmer accused Johnson of “among the new distractions and distortions” to avoid shooting.

“The damage has been done, people have already decided, they don’t believe a single word of the prime minister, they know what he is,” Starmer declared and accused Johnson of “dishonesty.” He canceled the word after the complaints. and the floor by Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons.

Starmer called on Conservative MPs to act in a way that “brings decency, honesty and integrity back into politics and prevents any defamation in this country.”

Conservative Mark Harper, a former member of David Cameron’s board, stood out, confirming that he would sign a motion of censure because Johnson “is no longer worthy of his great position.”

But most of the remaining Tories maintained their confidence in the leader.

The British parliament will decide on Thursday whether the prime minister should investigate “parties” who allegedly lied to MPs for violating covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Lindsay Hoyle revealed that she had authorized Keir Starmer to propose a debate and vote so that the matter would be the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, but Boris Johnson should not be present as he plans to embark on an official trip to India on the same day.

The rules require a politician to resign if he has deliberately lied in the lower house.

However, a decision in favor of the inquiry requires the support of an absolute majority of the members of the Coalition Party.

The opposition accuses Johnson of deliberately lying in parliament, repeatedly claiming that he had not violated restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which prohibited large gatherings in open or closed spaces.

Last week, Prime Minister, wife Carrie Johnson and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak were fined for attending Boris Johnson’s birthday party on June 19, 2020, while the country was still in a closed state.

Other rallies in 2020 and 2021, mostly on Downing Street, the official residence and office of the head of government, are still under police investigation, a scandal called “Partygate” by the press.

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