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Dengue Mutiro eliminates 6,200 deposits in Bela Vista

This Wednesday alone, 6,221 water bodies and potential breeding sites for Aedes aegypti, a transmitter of Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, were removed by the Chapec Health Department’s Environmental Health Control Unit in the Bela Vista neighborhood.

Ao had 72 endemic combat agents who made 1,642 visits and inspected 2,211 stocks. There were 51 treatments with larval venom, and 27 water tank and water tank requests were met. 10 complaints were answered and 18 compliance conditions and notices were signed.

Drone helped identify and solve 12 problems. The path taken by the sanitation department of the infrastructure department helped to collect 12 tires in addition to the debris found on 55 vacant plots.

Chapec has registered 443 hotspots in 2022, up from 1,407 in 2021. It has a high-risk infection and a significant increase in the number of cases, 2,728 positive. Of these, 45 are from the Bela Vista area.

According to Karina Giachini, coordinator of environmental health control, the aim of the working groups is to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and guide the population to prevent the spread of dengue fever.

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