Chapecó is promoting a joint effort against dengue fever this Wednesday; see neighborhood

There are 443 dengue epidemics registered in Chapecó in western Santa Catarina, so this Wednesday (20) the Environmental Health Surveillance will contribute to the control of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. The working group will operate in the Bela Vsita area from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm.

Measures to control dengue fever are being held in the Bela Vista area. – Photo: Chapecó City Hall / Disclosure / ND

There will be 72 agents involved in the fight against endemic diseases, who will sweep the neighborhood through home visits, treatment and monitoring of water supplies, and the destruction of mosquito breeding sites. There is an audio car to guide the population and a drone to search for hard-to-reach occurrences.

“The aim of the operation is to eliminate breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti; mobilizes the community to prevent Dengue, Zyka virus and Chikungunya fever, provides guidance on disease prevention, signs and symptoms, and inspection and removal of potential mosquitoes and breeding sites, ”said Karina Giachini, Environmental Health Coordinator. .

There have been 443 epidemics registered in Chapecó in 2022, up from 1,407 in 2021. It has a high-risk infection and a significant increase in the number of cases, 2,728 positive. Of these, 45 are from the Bela Vista area. Therefore, the purpose of the measure is to prevent the spread of mosquitoes, with the aim of removing mosquito eggs from the environment and thus reducing mosquito infections in the municipality and the spread of viruses.

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