CITY REMOVES 17 garbage trucks from ROMEU TORTORELLI

The city of São Carlos held a working group in the neighborhood of Romeu Tortorelli this Tuesday (April 19) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to fight the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is spreading dengue fever, Zika, Chikungunya and yellow fever.

Mutirão’s proposal is to promote the clean-up of areas, to make the population aware of the importance of disposing of abandoned objects and materials, and to identify irregular landfills.

A total of 17 trucks of scrap metal, including dump trucks and dry cargo, were disposed of, with a total of 51 tonnes of scrap, waste thrown in the wrong and unusable places, not all of which had breeding sites but could become.

Forty agents involved in the control of native diseases visited neighborhood homes to inspect properties and eliminate Aedes aegypti breeding sites and the collection of waste products. The group was assisted by servers from the Public Services Department.

“In the morning, many properties were closed. In the afternoon, the agents returned to these houses. A lot of denials were recorded, but materials such as tires, various plastic items, cans, cans, buckets, a collapsible pool, tarpaulins, bottles, and toilets were found in the places that allowed professionals to enter. We also found many residents in Romeu Tortorel who collect recyclable material for resale and therefore did not allow the removal of these materials in the bags, ”stressed Denise Scatolini, director of the Health Support and Municipal Health Department.

“It is very important that the population does its part, takes care of their home, avoids water build-up and eliminates potential nesting sites. Ten minutes a week dedicated to the prevention of dengue fever is enough to save lives. We are living in a critical time for the number of cases to increase and everyone must play their part and together we will overcome this disease. When symptoms occur, people should seek help from health services, ”warns Crislaine Mestre, director of Health Surveillance.

According to Mariel Olmo, Secretary of Public Services, Santa Felícia is the next neighborhood. As soon as we get Romeu Tortorelli ready, we will continue with the teams to the mighty Santa Felícia. There, the demand will certainly be higher, even if the number of dwellings is higher, so we are asking the population to cooperate so that vectors of native diseases can inspect the backyard so that we can remove the unusable Aedes aegypti mosquito. ”

In 2022, 653 notifications were already registered in São Carlos, including 236 cases of positive dengue, 215 cases of origin and 21 cases of imports, one of which was registered. For Chikungunya, 5 notifications were registered, of which 5 were rejected. For yellow fever, 1 notification was registered and 1 case was rejected. No announcements have been made for Zika so far.

On Wednesday (April 20), the team will continue in Romeu Tortorelli, Parque Sissi (the area between João Stella and Bruno Ruggiero Filho) and head to Santa Felícia.


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