Dragonflight is a new extension of World of Warcraft

THE Blizzard introduced players to a new expansion World of Warcraft, dragon flight takes players to the mythical Dragon Isles, the home of the ancestors of the dragons.

The dragons of Azeroth play a central role in the state of the world, controlling mortal races and influencing events with considerable power, sometimes for their own purposes. With the awakening of the holy lands, the dragons turn to the heroes of the Alliance and the herd to survive the threats and mysteries that emerge. Re-emerging from sleep and ready to join the fight are awesome Dractyr Summoners, World of Warcraft’s first combination of competition and class.

Depending on the specialty chosen, Dractyr Summoners can attack enemies from afar using breathing weapons, teeth, and claws, or help strengthen allies in the role of healers by harnessing the mystical abilities of dragons. Players who create Dractyr Summoners can customize both the dramatic avatar they play in battle and the humanoid format used to interact with the inhabitants of Azeroth. Dractyr Summoners starts the game at level 58 with a number of unique missions that choose their alliance with the Alliance or Horde.

In addition to strength and cunning, Azeroth dragons are known for their agility in the air: all players can learn the art of dragon riding and unlock a new dynamic form of flight with a partner draco that can be customized and trained. cross the sky more effectively as players progress through the expansion. Dragonflight also brings the most comprehensive updates to the World of Warcraft profession and talent systems since the game’s release, giving players new levels of freedom and depth in character definition.

“Players have long wanted to return to the fantastic roots of World of Warcraft, and that’s exactly what they can do in Dragonflight by exploring deeper into Warcraft’s iconic dragons. and an electrifying adventure through their homeland, ”says Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re also completely revamping many of the game’s back-end systems to ensure that WoW continues to deliver the kind of experience players have been waiting for not only with this expansion, but for years to come.”

World of Warcraft: The main highlights of Dragonflight are:

  • Explore the Dragon Island: On the way to new maximum level 70 (formerly 60), players explore the original wonders and ancient secrets of the Dragon Isles four new areas: broad revitalized coastlarge ohn’ahran plainicy peaks Turrão Lazuli and majestic temples and towers thaldraszus.

  • New race / category combination to play: Players face opponents (or reinforcing allies) such as Dractyr Summoners, WoW’s first race / category combination. It is possible to create a humanoid and a dramatic form. Choose between the Alliance and the Horde and become a long-range healer or damage splitter to master the collective power of all the dragons.
  • Win the sky: With Dragonflight, you can ride Dragons, a new skill-based form of air travel that allows players to ascend to the sky Draco of the Dragon Isles. Players customize their drakes as the expansion progresses, giving them more layout options and allowing them to get even faster.

  • Enhanced professions: In Dragonflight, players who want to gain fame with their creations will find many new features and toolsincluding player-driven service requests, new professional equipment, and a new specialization system.

  • Talent system reform: The new talent system allows players to make creative talent choices without sacrificing efficiency. And most importantly, they are relevant options at all levels.
  • Updated interface: Dragonflight is revamping the World of Warcraft interface by improving the look and feel of the mini-map and other elements, as well as new options that allow players to customize different aspects of the interface to their liking.