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São José declared a state of emergency to combat dengue fever

Posted on 4/20/2022
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Municipality mobilizes endemic agents and drones to shut down siege of Aedes aegypti

The municipality of São Jose issued an emergency decree to control Aedes aegypt, a mosquito that spreads dengue fever. In April, 15 cases and 40 suspected diseases were registered in the municipality. Among the planned measures is a spectacular inspection of indigenous pathogens, as well as by air, using unmanned drones (UAVs) resembling drones.

The week began with fieldwork, with agents hunting for mosquitoes in the Santos Dumont neighborhood in Barreiros. 600 inspections were carried out in the area’s properties. The agents participated in the joint effort “City Hall in Action”, an initiative that met the requirements of the communities of Colônia Santana and Sertão do Maruim.


Katheri Zamprogna, director of epidemiological surveillance, emphasizes that cases of dengue fever are investigated on a daily basis. “Measures to combat dengue fever do not depend on epidemics or epidemics, they are part of the Ministry of Health’s program and occur on a daily basis. Currently, these measures are being intensified based on the increase in cases,” he confirmed.

In addition to the inspection, staff will visit the properties to advise residents on how to control and treat mosquitoes and possible breeding sites. Measures highlighted to prevent the spread of Aedes aegypt include the removal of water from potted plants and the maintenance of closed landfills. In the event of symptoms, the epidemiological surveillance committee directs the population to seek primary health care in the area.

Photo: Publicity Secom / PMSJ

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