MEO launches 5 new services for Portuguese! Find out what they are …

MEO has just launched 5 new services aimed at the needs of Portuguese families. Just as it has revamped the way Portuguese people watch television for more than a decade, MEO wanted to go further and once again challenged to strengthen its natural presence in the daily lives of families, promisingly through MEO Care.

Find out about the company’s new services.

The new MEO services are divided into five categories

MEO has launched five new services. This time, they are not communication services, but a set of services that responds to the concerns and needs of families.

The services are utilized in five main categories: Home, Pets, Health, Seniors and Technology.

The customer also has Personal Assistant services (reservations, health, lifestyle, utilities and culture) as well as technical support at the end of the call (computer support, support for configuring technical accessories, network security, support for data recovery).

Through 800 800 400, the website or the MEO store network, the customer can order these new services from today.

To João Epifâni, B2C Sales Director at Altice Portugal: "Over the past decade, MEO has guided the pace, present and future of the industry, showing trends and movements. We have created new ways to watch TV, new content, new realities. go further, we invest, innovate and reward us with absolute leadership in the market.Today, the MEO brand offers “just” telecommunications and entertainment, but a wide range of services at home and away from home, with the goal of “Connecting to life” to be ever closer to our customers and easier the lives of Portuguese families. "

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