On the way to the finals (and no doubt) know who is closer to winning

Following the expulsion of Nuno Graciano last Sunday, the big final of Big Brother Famosos will be held this Sunday, April 24th. Six finalists will compete for the final prize Bernardo Sousa, Bruna Gomes, Daniel Kennedy, Fernando Semedo, Marco Costa and Vanessa Silva.

The competitor with the most votes in the affirmative vote will be declared the winner of Big Brother Famosos. According to our study, Fernando Semedo ranks sixth with 1.3 percent, followed immediately by Vanessa Silva (5.4%) and Daniel Kenedy (14.5%) in fifth and fourth place.

According to our survey, the podium dictates that Bruna Gomes (15.4%) is in third place and Marco Costa (18.5%) is in second place. Undoubtedly, Bernardo Sousa appears on the “front line” and is the main contender for the final win, receiving 44.9% of the vote.

You can vote in our poll here.

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