OnePlus Nord N20 5G: something more, something less

The successor to the Nord N10 has been introduced in the form of the OnePlus Nord N20 5G, a smartphone that is a baby step from an evolutionary point of view and actually brings some loss compared to its predecessor. Of course, it also brings some significant improvements.

Brands have to do gymnastics to keep prices affordable in times of high inflation, and Nord N20 is a good example of that. OnePlus has an excellent entry-level smartphone here, but it hasn’t taken big leaps from its predecessor. All of this is understandable, but not so much the arrival of Android 11 at a time when 12 is in full distribution on devices of the same price.

Something is obtained and something disappears from the screen, which this time is a 6.43-inch FHD AMOLED unit and promises a better picture with it than the N10 unit, in exchange for a refresh rate of 60 Hz instead of 90 Hz for pedestrians. from its predecessor. It’s a choice that might leave many behind, given that the high prices and upgrade are a OnePlus ticket and an almost acquired fact in the Nord family.

On the other hand, the Nord N20 receives Snapdragon 695, which follows Snapdragon 690 produced by 8nm lithography. The new processor uses a more energy-efficient 6nm fabrication, but has little extra power. You have a battery that maintains 33 watts of charge, it is more powerful at 4500 mAh, which means the new Nord generation has better autonomy.

In terms of cameras, the OnePlus Nord N20 5G takes a big leap backwards by placing a 64-megapixel camera on the back and two 2-megapixel cameras in terms of macro and depth. Therefore, the ultra-wide angle is absent and its usability is potentially greater than with any 2 megapixel unit.

To end on a positive note, as I am talking about cameras, it must be said that the new Nord N20 5G has a very attractive design, flat sides and a very clean back panel with two large silver circles. the rims frame two of the three chambers. These are the lines I don’t remember seeing on Oppo smartphones so far and therefore give the N20 a very interesting identity and maybe this is just the first Nord aesthetics?

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