Samsung is increasing the autonomy of its smartphones with an unexpected solution

Samsung wants to offer more autonomy to its smartphones and has found a solution that is both innovative and unexpected.

It appears that the South Korean giant intends to equip its mobile terminal with battery technology that has so far only been used in electric vehicles.

Innovative technology can increase battery size by 10%

Illustrative diagram of current smartphone batteries compared to Samsung’s stacking technology

To meet the current needs of users, Samsung wants to significantly extend the battery life of its smartphones. And apparently you’ve already found a solution that’s as surprising as it is innovative.

According to information now released, the South Korean giant will use battery technology that has so far only been used in electric vehicles. In practice, new batteries will use stacking instead of the “jelly roll” process used in current traditional batteries.

Until now, this stacking method has only been used in large cells for electric vehicles. But Samsung is so committed and confident in this solution for the smallest cells in mobile devices that it has even set up a production line for these batteries in its country of origin, South Korea.

In fact, if this solution is implemented in the Galaxy S23, for example, the terminal is in danger of being an excellent champion in the autonomy race. All because the technology allows you to increase the battery size by 10% without increasing the thickness of the smartphone.

Stacking technology can significantly improve fast loading

In practice, with this technology, the Galaxy S23 could have a battery of at least 5,500 mAh, which can provide users with more autonomy time.

But even better, several experts believe that this stacking method can bring with it another significant improvement that we all welcome. According to some researchers, the new stacking technology could allow the quick-charge stand to raise the battery to 100% in just five minutes.

If the latter hypothesis is confirmed, this means that we can fully charge the smartphone in such a short time, such as brushing our teeth in the morning or drinking coffee at lunch.

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