Sporting is working to alleviate Pepe and is asking to resign from the Disciplinary Committee

Sporting criticizes the actions of the Disciplinary Board, whose penalties for the match between the lions and FC Porto in the Estádio do Dragão (2-2-11 February) were announced this Tuesday and called for resignation. into the body.

The lions begin to explain the reasons for the sanctions and deny the penalties imposed on FC Porto manager Luís Gonçalves and Pepe, who say they have benefited from four mitigating circumstances. “Really: providing football-related services; praise for sports merit; provocation (because Hugo Viana “stepped on the field”); and severe disruption. ”Sporting refers to Pepe’s“ disciplinary record, ”recalling that in Spain, when he played for Real Madrid, he was banned from playing ten matches due to the beating of an opponent.

Another Pepe who this Tuesday said he was innocent of the allegations made against him and who support a 23-day sentence, the Lisbon Club cites a number of behaviors that justify a heavier sentence. «During the game, he tried to hide the projectile launch on the playing field; at the end of the game, he kicked and pushed Hugo Viana in front of the referee, which the referee noted in the report; caused trauma to Hugo Viana by prof. Doctor José Carlos Noronha confirmed that it was compatible with a stomp given by a player using aluminum fasteners; denied having done so. “

At this point, Sporting questions the application of the “mitigating circumstances”, also referring to the player’s previous behavior on the field and questioning the penalty imposed on Bruno Tabata, including the 23-day ban. “At the end of the match, he pushed Luís from Gonçalve when he grabbed Gonçalo Inácio’s neck. He confessed to the act, benefited from mitigating circumstances (provocation) and was banned from competing for 23 days,” it is said.

Luís Gonçalvesista Sporting recalls that the manager of Porto received a penalty of 68 days and was left with just over a month left.

Sporting points out that the decision on the functioning of the elements of FC Porto’s gaming organization is not yet known, which participated in clashes with players of the Lisbon team., and emphasizes that they “continue and will continue to be present in the games played at this stadium”.

The same statement refers to a 45-day sentence imposed on Hugo Viana with Benfica as a result of the events of the League Cup final night. “Hugo Viana (the same one who was kicked and sent the attacker on a 23-day ban) was sentenced to a 45-day condition because he said‘ You should arrest ’the driver of the President of SL Benfica,” he refers. .

Sporting denies the way in which sporting fairness has been applied and refers on an occasion to a statement dated 1.2.2021 stating that the members of the Disciplinary Board have no choice but to resign. “Evidence of the situation also shows that this disciplinary board cannot take on the important responsibility of being in charge of professional sport. So there is only one way to dismiss. “

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