Summary of ‘Amor Amor’: Leandro is hospitalized and finds a new disease

Angela and Pepe have just come to Romeu’s house. Mixed with relief and rage, Angela runs to Sandra, who is lying on the couch. Pepe appreciates Mel’s and Ricky’s reactions, which are shocking. Angela caresses Sandra’s face and warns Melia that she will have to pay dearly for what she does.

Cátia covers the bar tables for another working day. Dora comes in and looks around, making sure they are the two of them. He then asks if he and Evaristo have anything. Cátia understands their intentions and says they still don’t live together and it’s not official. They only announce the relationship when they feel ready.

At the publishing house, Mel plays her part, saying she feels guilty for upsetting Sandra’s balance the day before. Angela gets a call from Gabriel telling him what happened to Leandro. Mel starts to ache and her eyes fill with tears.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Leandro that he has pneumonia and is going to hospitalize because of antibiotics. Gabriel comes in and blames Leandro and says he needs to change his life.

Rebeca tries to get Márcion to the studio. Pepe waits impatiently, but Márcio refuses to go in, he wants to go back to military school. Valentim, who watches everything, asks Rebeca to talk alone with her son. The duo head to the studio. Valentim tells Márcio that he can make a set at any time in his life and tells him to enjoy the world of music now that he is young and has talent.

Leandro is relieved that he no longer has a tumor. He asks André to get some beers. André hesitates about the antibiotic, but goes to get it.

Dora talks to Shakira about Evaristo, but this doesn’t pay attention. Shakira finds a youth competition that guarantees a scholarship to any college in the world and is interested.

Angela complains to Rebecca about Marcio. Valentim approaches Márciona and says he has decided to stay in the band. Rebecca is euphoric. Valentine invites Angela to dinner and she accepts. Rebeca says they can go to Burguer because she owed Valentim service.

* The summary of the episode may change depending on the edition of the soap opera

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