Taiwan’s TV channel apologizes for reporting the Chinese invasion

A Taiwanese television station apologized for “causing panic” when it sent a series of warnings on Wednesday that China had launched attacks on the island.

“CTS [Chinese Television System] sincerely deplores this serious mistake, which caused panic in the public and caused problems for those units, “the Chinese television station said.

The Chinese media in Taipei raised concerns after issuing several warnings, including it The capital “crashed with missiles guided by the Communist army” and “ships exploded, facilities and boats damaged in Taipei port”.

The CTS considered the error to be employees who erroneously passed on the content of the preventive drills the station provided to the city firefighters.

The second warning was: “War may break out, (…) Taipei will open a joint emergency command and control center.”

The incident came at a time when, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in Taiwan, fears are growing that China may carry out its threat to advance to an autonomous democratic island that Beijing sees as part of its territory, and that does not rule out the possibility. save by force if necessary.

CTS added that it would be “severely punish” the culprits after the opening of an internal investigation.

“Don’t panic,” he said in a message posted on his Facebook page, adding that he had “misrepresented the message of war and disaster prevention.”

Beijing has stepped up pressure on Taiwan since President Tsai Ing-wen came to power in 2016 and claimed the island as an independent state.

China’s intimidation has increased dramatically over the past year, and warplanes have violated Taiwan’s air defense zone almost daily.

In Taiwan, 969 attacks were recorded in 2021, according to a database compiled by the France-Presse news agency, more than double the number in 2020 by about 380. In the first four months of 2022, about 300 airstrikes have already been registered.

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