The Madrid mask program allowed Ferrari to be bought with a profit

Noin the same week that Spain bids farewell to the inner masks, the field of justice boils down to them.

The Spanish anti-corruption prosecutor is investigating several contracts signed by the Madrid City Council for the purchase of defective medical supplies and masks up to 40% more expensive in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic.

Most of the tests obtained to detect Covid-19 cases were not acceptable and the gloves were weaker than expected, in addition, the masks had come from China.

The ministry’s complaint is against Luis Medina, the son of Duke Feria and Naty Abascal, and Alberto Javier Luceño, who he accuses of gross fraud, forgery of commercial documents and money laundering in connection with three contracts worth about $ 12 million. is due to Leno.

This Monday, April 18, the prosecutor’s office asked a judge to provide Luis Medina with a guarantee of € 891,000 to ensure the performance of his financial obligations when he found that he did not have the expected amount in his account.

As a private lawyer, the Madrid City Council demanded the confiscation of Luis Medina ‘s assets “for a total amount of EUR 1 140 927, including the total value of his profits at the expense of the municipality of Madrid (EUR 912 742) and the remainder (EUR 228 185) as costs”.

The formula explained

One of the $ 6.6 million contracts was for the purchase of one million FFP2 masks, the other for the purchase of 4.2 million, 250,000 quick tests, and the third for the purchase of .5 million, 2.5 million pairs. gloves at four times the price available in Madrid at the time.

The city council has already recovered $ 4 million of this amount because it did not match the material agreed in the procurement – as confirmed by the municipality – which advocated that the contracts were made “according to current demand and supply.” when the pandemic spread and there was an absolute shortage of protective material, EFE quotes.

When asked about these prices by the city council, the accused secretly stated that a large percentage – about 60% for masks, 81% for gloves and almost 71% for tests – corresponded to the fees they received. according to the above-mentioned indictment of the same agency.

The prosecution further explained that The defendants used the rewards to buy cars, some of which were Ferraris, several Rolex watches and other luxury goods. The person who initially contacted the Madrid city government was Luis Medina, the prosecutor says, taking advantage of “his position in public life as a well-known personality and his friendship with a relative of the mayor of Madrid.”

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