The number of dengue epidemics in Caxias do Sul rises to 540

The Municipal Health Agency (SMS) updated the incidence of mosquitoes and dengue fever in Caxias do Sul. There will be 540 outbreaks of Aedes aegypti in 2022 and eight cases of the disease, three of which were original when the patient contracted the disease in the municipality.

Due to the large number of epidemics, environmental health surveillance has intensified its efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, mainly through training. In addition to the group already directly involved in the program against dengue fever, efforts were stepped up by the entire technical veterinary area and the team dedicated to the control of the black fly mosquito, as well as the administrative area through guidance and telephone calls.

Home visits and cases also continue, including chemical treatment of Aedes aegypti in areas where dengue fever has been confirmed or suspected, and intensification of inspections on vacant sites, construction sites and strategic sites such as cemeteries. , Tire shops, junk shops and florists with a high potential for water accumulation.

“We implemented a strategy where the entire environmental monitoring team mobilizes and joins efforts to expand the work. Always remembering that the contribution of the population is fundamental, everyone does their part, as control may not be in every apartment, but everyone can look at their house carefully, alerting a neighbor to clean the patio to remove points with stagnant water. ”Emphasizes Sandra Tonet, Technical Director of Environmental Health Surveillance.

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