Triple H talks about competition between WWE and AEW

Much has been said about the competition between Tony Khan’s company and Vince McMahon since AEW was founded.

In an interview with The Athletic, Triple H said the competition between WWE and AEW is beneficial to everyone, after which he also talked about the transition of wrestlers from NXT to AEW.

As for the competition, it’s great. It makes everything better. You will become lazy if you are alone. If there is competition, it will make us all better. All of these things forced us to reach a higher level than we were before. Not that we didn’t get there anyway, but we had to do it faster. That’s an important part, isn’t it?

As long as there are no things that hurt the business in general, I think competition is a good thing. If you’re thinking of a 6-year-old child who turns on the TV and likes to watch Wrestling, now the TV is full of wrestling. Then you start trying everything and get to the point that you are a big fan. That is the important point.

There is room for everyone. It’s like saying the NFL is panicking about market share because of the USFL or XFL. It just increases people’s love of football. If you like football so much, you watch all football, and that’s great. And in wrestling, it’s the same.

What do you think of Triple H’s response to the competition between WWE and AEW?

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